chevron publishes methane report

Chevron published a methane report that builds on Chevron’s ongoing efforts to promote transparency on climate-related matters. This report details information on Chevron’s approach to detecting, measuring and reducing methane intensity.

25 October 2022

delivering support for nursing moms while they’re on the road

Fully covered by Chevron as a business expense, milk delivery services cover storage, refrigeration and expedited shipping.

6 October 2022

meet the brains of the oilfield

In northern Colorado, our IOCC allows our automated oil and natural gas facilities to be monitored and controlled remotely and in real time.

13 September 2022

an industry unlike any other: 5 facts about the energy sector

The energy sector is a fascinating space that plays an indispensable role in our society. Without it, the world might lack many of the modern amenities we enjoy today.

26 August 2022

explainer: what is responsibly sourced gas?

Chevron is expected to begin marketing its first batch of responsibly sourced gas (RSG) later this year after a third-party analysis confirmed some of our Texas and Colorado production meets their highest environmental and community standards.

11 August 2022

3 ways we’re answering the call for affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner energy

As the president cites his resolve to act on climate change, we are reminded of our role at Chevron in delivering the affordable, reliable, ever-cleaner energy needed to achieve a more prosperous energy future.

28 July 2022

lower-carbon progress is in the pipeline

Moving oil and gas by pipeline rather than trucks in Colorado is helping Chevron work toward meeting its carbon emissions targets while enhancing safety on local roadways.

21 July 2022

enabling success: chevron earns top score for disability inclusion

Chevron has been named one of the “Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion” for the fourth year in a row.

20 July 2022

independent analysis recognizes environmental excellence

Chevron wells in the Permian and DJ basins have been granted the highest certification possible by Project Canary, performing better than 90% of other operators.

30 June 2022

chevron achieves top certification scores for environmental performance

Project Canary’s independent analysis was conducted on Chevron assets in Texas and Colorado by the Denver-based climate tech and environmental assessment company.

29 June 2022