mustang comprehensive plan

Chevron’s Mustang comprehensive drilling plan (CDP) is the first ever CDP approved by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. It is a blueprint for lower-carbon energy development that supports our goal to minimize our surface footprint in and around communities. It involves:

  • 64,000 acres of farmland southeast of Greeley, Colorado in Weld County, encompassing rural lands with no municipalities within the boundaries – enabling us to combine facility locations with innovative processes and technology to reduce our surface footprint and greenhouse gas emissions
  • More than 400 approved six-year — instead of two-year — horizontal drilling permits that provide us with the flexibility to develop long-term plans that enable us to work our schedule around seasonal crops and wildlife patterns
  • Plugging and removing more than 1,400 older vertical wells and their production facilities, then reclaiming the land for other uses such as farming